FoodBev SETA Bursary for 2023 Now Open

FoodBev SETA invites public universities to apply for Postgraduate Research and Innovation Bursary Programme, on behalf of scholars, for the 2022/ 2023 fiscal time.

Bursary operation ending date is 17 February 2023
Bursaries will be awarded for studies towards a Doctorate( PhD) or Master’s degree, related to the Food and Beverages Manufacturing value chain.

The bursary was formed as a response to the exploration and development conditions of the food and potables manufacturing sector in the country.
The bursary will give cover for the following charges, subject to the vacuity of finances. Masters scholars enrollment freights, education freights, exploration costs, and study material, up to a maximum value of R120 000. (for the entire duration of studies), grounded on the evaluation outgrowth of the scholars’ approved exploration motifs. Bursary donors will also do course work.

PhD scholars education freights, and costs associated with the exploration accepted, up to a maximum value of R150 000, for the entire duration of studies, grounded on the evaluation outgrowth of the scholars ’ approved exploration motifs. Bursary donors will be needed to submit a progress report at the end of each academic time, which must be inked off by the administrator.

Aspirants must satisfy the following minimal entry criteria before applying. (please note that failure to satisfy all the conditions will lead to your operation not being considered).

  • You must be a South African citizen or endless occupant
  • You must be registered to study towards a PhD or Masters degree qualification for the 2023 academic time
  • You must be studying at a honored public university in South Africa.
    Masters scholars your exploration motifs must be championed by your administrator and be applicable and responsive to the food and potables manufacturing value chain.
  • PhD scholars you must have an approved exploration Offer by the university, with clear time framesand estimated time of completion( the anticipated timeframe for completion of PhD is 2 to 5 times from the current academic time for reporting purposes by the SETA)
  • You must NOT be entering any other bursary backing( this must be verified by the University Bursary Office)
  • Preference will be given to scholars from preliminarily underprivileged groups
Download and fill the FoodBev SETA Bursary Application Form 2023(. pdf)
The operation form must be completed and submitted to your University Bursary Office, along with the supporting documents listed below. scholars must NOT apply to FoodBev SETA directly – Universities will apply on scholars behalf.


Submit clear clones of the following supporting attestation along with your completed operation form. ( the submission of these documents is mandatory – if any particulars are missing, your operation may be disqualified)
ID document( certified dupe not aged than 6 months)
evidence of enrollment for the 2023 academic time.

PhD scholars approved exploration offer( including exploration costs) with evidence from the honored tertiary institution

Master’s scholars approved exploration offer ( including exploration costs) with evidence from the honored tertiary institution and exploration content championed by the administrator.

University’s Tax Clearance Certificate

inked protestation of intent, progress reports and results to FoodBev SETA officers( inked by the aspirant and administrator)


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