How to Change a Course at UniSA


There could have been a number of factors that led you to make this decision. If you don’t mind, let’s go over the things that might make you reconsider taking on such a challenge.

The following are a few reasons why you might desire to modify your qualification, according to UniSA

  • You’re having difficulties with your education.
  • If your situation has altered.
  • You no longer identify with your intended job path.

While in this situation, you must ask yourself three questions and provide a satisfactory answer.

  • Why do I wish to alter my credentials?
  • What should I change?
  • What will be the next step?

How To Change a Qualification at UniSA

Following your decision to proceed with changing your qualifications, follow the steps outlined below to make your decision.

STEP 1: To update your qualification, first conduct a survey, then visit and explore the careers part of the UniSA website to learn more about different career opportunities and related qualifications.

 UniSA Courses Available PDF Download.

STEP 2: Next, during the next application period, apply for UniSA admission to the new qualification.

NOTE: By applying to a new application, you are NOT continuing from where you left off; instead, you are applying as a freshman for a new qualification.

You can also apply for a new qualification at UniSA

You will NOT be continuing from where you left off if you apply to a new application; rather, you will be applying as a freshman for a new qualification.

Discuss your career and educational alternatives with a counselor

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