Study at University of Mpumalanga 2024/2025| Apply Now

UMP Re-registration 2024/2025
UMP Re-registration

The University of Mpumalanga, or UMP, is an African university that is pioneering chances for sustainable development through innovation.

How to Apply to Mpumalanga University in 2024/2025

To apply for admission to UMP, please follow the steps outlined below.

UMP Online Application Portal:
STEP 1 Click here to apply, accept the application rules, and then press the “continue” button.

STEP 2 Fill out your biographical details and then click “next” to continue with your application.

STEP 3 Capture the specifics of the results, then add subjects and click “next.”

STEP 4 Enter information about the educational institution and click “next.”

STEP 5 Capture academic application details (choose two options/programs to apply for), then click “add the qualification” and then “next.”

STEP 6 Verify or double-check your application details before clicking “Continue.”

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STEP 7 Create your 5-digit PIN (for example, 24689), check the “I accept” (twice) button, and then click “Submit Application”;

STEP 8 Upload your documents, then click “next” after selecting “yes” from the dropdown list if all of your documents are ready to be submitted.

STEP 9 Click the “Load/View Document” button. “Upload document” is a command. “Choose/Browse file” navigate to the folder containing your documents, choose the appropriate document, and click “save.”

STEP 10 Once all documents have been uploaded, click the “complete upload” button.

STEP 11 Confirmation Page, Application End

Following this stage indicates that you are on your way to a successful application process; continue to follow instructions and do the right thing.


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