UNISA Prospectus 2024 – Download Now


UNISA consists:

  • Acronyms and definitions
  • Course and courses information
  • Campus facilities and usage
  • Accommodation, and residence application
  • Schools fees/tuitions
  • Financial support and bursaries
  • Entry requirements
  • University of South Africa admission process.

Our prospectus outlines the courses that we offer and how you can apply for admission at University of South Africa based on the information provided within it.

Note: University of South Africa’s (UNISA) prospectus is very useful, especially to new applicants, because it gives information about your application in greater detail.

UNISA Prospectus 2024

The University of South Africa (UNISA)Prospectus is now available for download on the college’s official website, www.unisa.ac.za/.


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