UP Re-registration 2024/2025

University of Pretoria
University of Pretoria

UP Re-registration- The University of Pretoria (UP) has sent invitations to students who desire to be readmitted after being dismissed due to low performance in qualifying.

UP Re-registration 2024/2025

Students who are re-registering for the academic year can do so during the applicable registration period.

How to Apply for UP Online Registration 2024

As a new/current undergraduate/postgraduate student, the only way to apply is to click on the faculty you have been admitted into below.

Step 1: Financial Aspects

Pay the initial cost. Ideally, the initial payment should appear on your student account two days before enrollment. It is vital to remember that cash payments are reflected instantly, whereas EFT payments are shown after five days. No checks will be accepted.

Documentation (bank deposit slips, official university receipts, etc.) must be given upon request and if payments were made after the required periods.

If you have been notified that NSFAS will fund you, you will be notified via SMS that your initial fee has been waived.

Study for Free A Step-by-Step Guide for Ordering an NSFAS Laptop Online.
You are not a registered student simply by paying the initial tuition. You are only a registered student if you have been provided proof of registration for the academic year.

Step 2: Documents, dates, and locations

During the registration period, all students must register online. The registration schedule will be posted on the University’s website, and it will include the registration dates as well as the provisions for exceptions.

Step 3: Log in to the UP Student Portal.

Check for holds on the student centre’s right column by clicking on the UP Student Centre link. Students will not be able to register if there are any holds.

Step 4: Sign up for Core Modules

First-year students who are unsure about their program should only register for basic modules. Following the orientation program and curriculum advice, elective modules can be added.

First-year students with set curricula can register for modules as they appear on the registration page.

Current students must fully register online beginning January 4th. There is no set registration schedule for these kids.

Step 5: Provide Registration Proof

After registering, you will receive an email with your registration confirmation. After registering, you can obtain and print a proof of registration from the UP Student Portal. Keep this proof in a safe place.

A duplicate can be ordered from the Student Service Centre for a fee or downloaded for free through the UP Student Portal.

It should be noted that evidence of registration cannot be granted to a student without proof of identification (ID, student card, passport, or driver’s license).

You will only be able to register online or on-campus if your student contract has been correctly completed and delivered to UP, and your initial payment has been received.

Step 6: Tests – New first-year students only

The Academic Literacy Test is required of all new first-year students during the orientation session for registration and the start of the academic year.


This is not an admissions test.

The Academic Literacy Test does not replace the National Benchmark Test (NBT). For further information about the NBT, go to www.nbt.ac.za.


The University of Pretoria (TUKS) Registration Guide is also provided below.

  • Download the UP Admission Guide (.pdf).
    Registration begins the first week of January. A registration fee or levy must be placed into a student’s student account before he or she can register.

International students must additionally contact the school International Office. A charge must be paid to the International Office in addition to the registration deposit. A student must also participate in an approved medical assistance program.

ISD can be reached by email at isd@up.ac.za.

The deadline for postgraduate students to register for an academic year is the end of March.

Students enrolled in a coursework program must register by the end of February.

Please be patient while UP processes your registration. If you find that your registration will not be processed by the registration deadline, please visit  UP Online Assistance.

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